I See Through Your Eyes

TYRONE DUCKWORTH - 913-961-7303


I think I have something to offer that a buyer of janitorial equipment, supplies and services will appreciate. I have a lot of experience on your side of the table.

My background is management of EVS - Environmental Services - for organizations like Providence Medical Center and St. John's Hospital in Kansas City, KS, and USD #229, Blue Valley Schools in Kansas. So I have a unique perspective after sitting on the management side in both the health and education industries.

I bring my familiarity with the needs of managing EVS in line with a company that really knows how to support that function, PUR-O-ZONE. If you believe, as I do and as PUR-O-ZONE does, that there is a lot more to purchasing for and managing the cleaning functions of a facility than finding lowest price on supplies, I am eager to serve you as a resource for cleaning management and productivity.

95% of the day-to-day expense in any internal cleaning function is embedded in people, not supplies or equipment. Building the productivity of those persons through appropriate automation, knowledge and measurement, is the approach of a great facility management department.

And that is why I have come to be associated with PUR-O-ZONE, because I believe that working with a supplier that is interested in the big picture makes a huge difference. 

I want to be part of that difference working as a resource for you.