Whole Lotta Scrubbin' Goin' On

Following are units PUR-O-ZONE can demonstrate on-site for you that provide orbital scrubbing. 


FM800 Rev Floor Machine - Small Area and Corner Specialist


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With powerful orbital scrubbing at 1,725 1/4" orbits per minute, the FM800 REV tackles cleaning challenges that larger scrubbers cannot reach. High durability and high-speed orbital agitation ensure aggressive scrubbing for chemical-free floor finish removal. 

Adfinity X20R Rev Scrubber - Versatile and Maneuverable


The Adfinity X20R REV surpasses the performance of other scrubbers in its class, featuring dual-action scrubbing capabilities. Attacking dirt and floor finish from multiple angles, the Adfinity REV delivers uniform daily scrubbing performance and deep scrubbing for chemical-free finish removal in a single pass. 

SC750 Rev - High-Capacity Workhorse


The SC750 REV combines the innovative REV technology with enhanced cleaning performance. With a 40% wider scrub path and 20% faster scrubbing capabilities than 20-inch scrubbers, the SC75- REV increases productivity, allowing operators to cover more floor area in less time with equal or better cleaning results.

Advenger Rev - Powerful, Highest-Productivity & Performance


Offering increased productivity up to 39,424 sq. ft. per hour, EcoFlex cleaning control and large capacity for up to 140 minutes of continuous scrubbing, the Advenger rider scrubber with REV technology delivers high performance scrubbing, the most flexible cleaning and the convenience and comfort of a rider.

SC1500 Stand On Scrubber - Makes Quick, Easy Work of Streamlined Areas


To satisfy both daily and deep scrubbing applications, the SC1500 is available in a 20-inch disc or 20-inch REV model. The SC1500 REV employs the Advance patent pending Dual Random Orbital Scrubbing technology, which scrubs deeper and more uniformly to leave a perfectly scrubbed surface with no swirl marks, while using far less water and chemistry. 


Speed Scrub Orbital Scrubber (Walk-behind)

The rectangular scrub head of the Speed Scrub reaches into corners and other hard-to-clean areas for even floor finish removal across the entire cleaning path.

Speed SQ14 Orbital Floor Machine

Durable and flexible, the SQ14 makes two jobs into one by reaching corners that round heads cannot complete. Great for smaller areas or where furniture must remain.


Speed Scrub Manual