Orbital Scrubbing and Stripping Speeds Work While Reducing Chemistry

When you were a kid, did you ever use a Spirograph® to draw circular pattern-in-pattern designs on paper? An Advance REVTM or Nobles orbital scrubber works kind of like a big Spirograph. On the one hand, these new machines spin your pad or brush like conventional machines always have. But at the same time they create literally thousands of small "orbital" circles at a very high rate of speed. Those two motions combined ("macro," big, and "micro," small) are what make all the difference to you in cleaning power.




  • Clear a much cleaner path whether scrubbing or stripping.
  • Speed through cleaning tasks that use to take much longer.
  • Remove black marks faster and better.
  • Strip with water instead of slippery, smelly stripping chemicals.
  • Splash a lot less.
  • Reduce your chemistry costs and flush fewer residues down the drain.

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