Why Change Gears in Your Floor Care Routine?

You've heard about new floor finishes, orbital scrubbing, chem-free stripping and surface prep pads. So what's in it for you? Why learn about or invest in some of these changes? Aren't they just hype over whatever is latest and greatest?

Well no, and heck no! If you aren't performing your floorcare regimen a lot differently than you were just a couple of years ago, you are missing a boat you want to be on.

Here are seven reasons to get on board:

  • Conventional acrylic finishes are fading into history. New  finish technologies apply and dry so much faster, and protect so much longer, your whole team will be days ahead when you refinish and years ahead between major restorations.
  • Stripping chemistry is also on the endangered species list. With orbital scrubbing and modern abrasive "surface prep" pads, you can refinish any type of hard floor with less effort and a minimum of - or even no - chemistry. 
  • By eliminating stripping chemistry, you eliminate one of the most headache-prone, slip-causing elements of finishing a floor. When you finish a floor and realize no one has fallen or gotten dizzy from fumes, you can better visualize what a leap mechanical finish removal represents.
  • By purchasing less chemistry for cleaning, because modern scrubbing and refinishing machinery does much more of the work, you will reduce expenditures from your supplies budget.
  • By speeding up laborers, by hours and days, you will reduce or reallocate your people budget.
  • By taking rooms out of action for much less time, your building occupants will thank you for whatever you did that sped up the process of cleaning or stripping so much.
  • By lengthening dramatically the time between refinishing by using floor finishes proven to last much longer, you will reduce or even eliminate one of the most costly elements of floorcare, restoration. 

Orbital Scrubbing and Stripping Speeds Work While Reducing Chemistry

When you were a kid, did you ever use a Spirograph® to draw circular pattern-in-pattern designs on paper? An Advance REVTM or Nobles orbital scrubber works kind of like a big Spirograph. On the one hand, these new machines spin your pad or brush like conventional machines always have. But at the same time they create literally thousands of small "orbital" circles at a very high rate of speed. Those two motions combined ("macro," big, and "micro," small) are what make all the difference to you in cleaning power.




  • Clear a much cleaner path whether scrubbing or stripping.
  • Speed through cleaning tasks that use to take much longer.
  • Remove black marks faster and better.
  • Strip with water instead of slippery, smelly stripping chemicals.
  • Splash a lot less.
  • Reduce your chemistry costs and flush fewer residues down the drain.

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Test Drive an Orbital Scrubber or Floor Machine

We understand you often want to see a piece of automation in action before you make decisions about how you think it may meet your needs. That is why we offer this easy request form below to line up a demonstration at a time and place of your convenience. If you don't see the equipment on this form that you would like to try, look for the field where you can enter any equipment or system of your interest.

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Whole Lotta Scrubbin' Goin' On

Following are units PUR-O-ZONE can demonstrate on-site for you that provide orbital scrubbing. 


FM800 Rev Floor Machine - Small Area and Corner Specialist


Fact Sheet

With powerful orbital scrubbing at 1,725 1/4" orbits per minute, the FM800 REV tackles cleaning challenges that larger scrubbers cannot reach. High durability and high-speed orbital agitation ensure aggressive scrubbing for chemical-free floor finish removal. 

Adfinity X20R Rev Scrubber - Versatile and Maneuverable


The Adfinity X20R REV surpasses the performance of other scrubbers in its class, featuring dual-action scrubbing capabilities. Attacking dirt and floor finish from multiple angles, the Adfinity REV delivers uniform daily scrubbing performance and deep scrubbing for chemical-free finish removal in a single pass. 

SC750 Rev - High-Capacity Workhorse


The SC750 REV combines the innovative REV technology with enhanced cleaning performance. With a 40% wider scrub path and 20% faster scrubbing capabilities than 20-inch scrubbers, the SC75- REV increases productivity, allowing operators to cover more floor area in less time with equal or better cleaning results.

Advenger Rev - Powerful, Highest-Productivity & Performance


Offering increased productivity up to 39,424 sq. ft. per hour, EcoFlex cleaning control and large capacity for up to 140 minutes of continuous scrubbing, the Advenger rider scrubber with REV technology delivers high performance scrubbing, the most flexible cleaning and the convenience and comfort of a rider.

SC1500 Stand On Scrubber - Makes Quick, Easy Work of Streamlined Areas


To satisfy both daily and deep scrubbing applications, the SC1500 is available in a 20-inch disc or 20-inch REV model. The SC1500 REV employs the Advance patent pending Dual Random Orbital Scrubbing technology, which scrubs deeper and more uniformly to leave a perfectly scrubbed surface with no swirl marks, while using far less water and chemistry. 


Speed Scrub Orbital Scrubber (Walk-behind)

The rectangular scrub head of the Speed Scrub reaches into corners and other hard-to-clean areas for even floor finish removal across the entire cleaning path.

Speed SQ14 Orbital Floor Machine

Durable and flexible, the SQ14 makes two jobs into one by reaching corners that round heads cannot complete. Great for smaller areas or where furniture must remain.


Speed Scrub Manual

Finish Systems that Actually Finish the Job, Maybe Forever!

If you really want to finish the job, and finish it for longer than ever before, you should know about two systems. 

  • Greatly extend times between finish restorative cycles with extended longevity
  • Speed up re-application of furniture through enhanced drying times
  • Gain brilliant finish appearance

3M Vinyl Protector finish system

Special Features:

- Glossy, hard surface is resistant to soiling

- Easy to reapply; no stripping required

- Scratches on surface can be burnished away with Scotch-Brite™ Purple Diamond Floor Pad Plus

- Helps protect against stains, scuffs and scratches for a long-lasting finish

- Only two coats are needed, helping to reduce maintenance

- Dries in 20 to 30 minutes, so rooms are functional faster

- Easy to reapply — no stripping or deep scrubbing required

- Provides an environmentally preferable solution* for greener cleaning

- Suitable for multiple substrates: vinyl, vinyl composition, rubber, linoleum and asphalt tile floors

- Up to 3,000 square feet of coverage per 3.78L bag when used as directed with the 3M™ Easy Shine Applicator System

- Not a traditional floor finish — Scotchgard™ Vinyl Floor Protector is a high-performance floor protector that utilizes nano-sized, inorganic particles that, upon curing, produce a surface that is up to six times more resistant to abrasion than traditional acrylic floor finishes 

* Environmentally preferable products are defined in the Instructions for Implementing Executive Order 13423, titled “Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management” as products or services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose. This comparison may consider raw materials acquisition, product, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, reuse, operation, maintenance, or disposal of the product or service.

Ultra Chem Platinum finish system

- Super Durable, Extraordinary Gloss, Burnishable Floor Finish

- Platinum’s unique dual polymer technology provides extra high durability.

- Designed to extend or eliminate the stripping cycle and only minimum maintenance is required to maintain a high level of performance.

- Formulated with non-styrene polymers. This results in increased clarity and leveling which allows for high traffic lane touchups and simple blending.

- Super durable, contains no zinc or styrene

- Resistant to black heel marks, allows for walk-on repairs

- Can be used on all types of resilient hard floors, and is resistant to pad burns and soil embedment