Capital Budget Strained? Then Rent Productivity.

Mark has experience on both sides of facility management. He has years of boots on the ground experience. MARK McFARLAND,
Education Market Manager


In tight times, you "can't afford not to be" more productive. One of the most productive combinations I know of during summer refinishing efforts is the Tracker and Monsoon by Eagle. You can rent this pair from PUR-O-ZONE, delivered for $275 a day, or $350 for a weekend. That includes both delivery and training of the personnel using it.* Eagle Tracker Propane Floor Stripper - Fast, safe and effective.

So you can be productive out of the starting gate, PUR-O-ZONE rental machines are inspected and serviced before delivery and certified "Work-Ready" when they arrive.

With fewer people to do the same or more work than last year, how can you do it without improving your productivity? Yet many educational organizations, factories and health-related facilities are working with not just reduced, but slashed budgets. We can help by providing the equipment and training at an extremely attractive price.

Eagle Monsoon Applicator - smooth, even and professional application.

In Western and Central Kansas, call Mark McFarland for arrangements at 316-644-2223. In Northeast Kansas and Western Missouri, contact Melvin Lockhart at our home offices, 800-727-7876. Why not do it before summer gets any further away?

Eagle Tracker Heavy Duty Propane Stripper - $190/day, $225/weekend
Tracker and Eagle Monsoon Chemistry Applicator Combo - $275/day, $350/weekend
Advenger Rider Scrubber - $225/day, $300/weekend
Advance Walk-Behind Scrubber - $110/day, $150/weekend
Advance Carpet Extractor - $50/day, $65/weekend
Electric Burnisher - $35/day, $45/weekend
Electric Floor Machines - $35/day, $45/weekend

Tracker Propane Advantages

  • Super-Productive 20,000 sq ft/hr
  • Great for Indoor Air Quality - Reduces Dust and Meets Even California's Stringent Regulations for Exhaust
  • 320 rpm brush speed
  • Brushes, 2-16" counter-rotating
  • 30"
  • Stable Base and Weighting - Resists Slippage
  • EPA and CARB approved

Monsoon Advantages

  • Sealed Solution Tank - Keeps Vapors Contained
  • Even, Professional Distribution
  • Easy Fill, Easy Clean
  • 2,000 sq ft Coverage
  • Makes Chemistry Go Farther Through Meticulous Application
  • 20-Gallon Tank
  • Set for 3 to 6 Gallons per Minute
  • 19" Application Width

* (Minimum total rental of $250 for free delivery, limited to 20-mile radius of origin points in Lawrence and Hutchinson. Ask for delivery/pick-up details outside those zones.)