My Background Just Might Prove Helpful to Our Relationship

SHAWN SNEDDEN - 816-260-1755


Since my school days at Central Missouri State, I've been on more than one side of the table regarding building cleaning, maintenance and asset preservation. As a general manager for over two decades at a major KC automotive dealership, I gained experience regarding the ins and outs of budgeting and getting the most mileage possible for the building facility dollar. Knowing something about cars and facilities, I also understand the costs of deferred maintenance, and I know that any business needs a careful balance of where to conserve and where to invest to extend the life of its building and contents.

I think it is true of most businesses that both customers and employees alike judge the quality of a business by the image they perceive when they walk through the front doors and view the cleanliness and organization they see. It was especially so in the industry I cut my teeth on, and I'll bet the same is true of your business, church, school or factory.

There's another side of the table I've sat at as the senior account executive of a major Kansas City building services contractor. I know how critical it is that BSCs remain on the cusp of what is productive and profitable in performing their duties. In cleaning product and equipment distribution, it is not only important to know the qualities and features of the products one has available, but even more so that I can help identify what will work best for your cleaning needs, building conditions, department structure and occupant expectations. That goes for in-house departments, large school systems, churches, stores and plants as well.

PUR-O-ZONE is both a manufacturer of cleaning chemistry - founded in 1943 - and a distributor of cleaning equipment and supplies. We are experts in corporate laundry as well as foodservice warewashing. By expert, I am not meaning a single person who tinkers with dish and laundry machines. This is an important division of our company, and a core competency we feel we bring to the table. We also have a deep bench when it comes to green cleaning commitment, sustainability and cleaning for health.

So I hope that my background, and ability to understand more than one perspective on the cleaning and maintenance needs of your business or organization, can be helpful to our relationship. I would truly value the opportunity to see if I can be of special assistance to you.