Gym Floor Finishing & Restoration

Each year our crews handle scores of school and university gym and auditorium floor-refinishing projects. services also include graphics & line application. Visit our FLOOR FINISHING GALLERY

Stone, Terrazzo
and Concrete Floor Finishing

Advances in stone and concrete surface finishing create beautiful ways to make floors works of art. pur-o-zone crews work this artistry on floors across Kansas and western Missouri each year. Visit our FLOOR FINISHING GALLERY.

Equipment Repair & Planned Maintenance

If you have a piece of equipment in need of service, fill out a Repair Form at our service portal now to get the ball rolling.

In 2015, we expanded our Lawrence repair and parts service department to 3500 sq. ft. to improve performance and help meet increased demand. PUR-O-ZONE technicians are skilled, certified and awarded for both equipment sales, and equipment servicing. The industry leading Advance-Nilfisk relies on PUR-O-ZONE for equipment installation across the state of Kansas. PUR-O-ZONE provides on-site service as well as cost-effective PLANNED MAINTENANCE.

Training Programs & Alignment

Your most valuable facility management asset is your staff. PUR-O-ZONE trains on-site, provides education in our facilities, offers periodic certification courses and equipment rodeos, and hosts demo-nars at a variety of locations. Our customers are also offered the department-elevating ALIGNMENT program. Its purpose is to continuously improve the five critical areas of facility management with you.

Foodservice & Laundry Equipment Service, Inspection, Installation & Repair

PUR-O-ZONE offers extensive foodservice and laundry equipment services from our industry veterans. we have a dedicated focus in foodservice support. pur-o-zone provides dish machine and laundry equipment inspections and repairs. we provide and maintain chemistry systems from leading industry manufacturers. Our experts are always here to help you, which means you are guaranteed the support you need.


The appearance of your commercial and office restrooms cannot be overstated. For years, research has shown the look, atmosphere and cleanliness of public-accessed restrooms are the most important ways patrons speculate on restaurant cleanliness standards in parts of the building they cannot visit - like the kitchen and prep room.

Over many years, we have also learned that employees and other building stakeholders using business and factory restrooms feel strongly about the comfort, appearance and convenience of the facilities they visit about six times per shift. Our design-build crews measure, provide CAD renderings and offer a huge range of material options from two of the leading industry partition manufacturers. We also sell and install lockers.

After your approval, we complete the entire installation, meeting ADA standards and optionally installing new dispensing systems as icing on the cake. Then you, your employees and your patrons or visitors...enjoy.

Fleet Delivery Service

Our fleet delivers to major population centers in Kansas and western Missouri for an incredibly low $5 fee. We have some of the most empowered delivery drivers in the industry. They can perform a number of customized options when delivering your order to meet your individual needs. Just call our delivery supervisor, Mike Lockhart, to discuss options you desire.

DISPENSER Installation

When you need a dispensing system installed, it is important your vendor has qualified personnel and knowledge of local and ADA regulations. We offer that expertise to assist you, and have installed tens of thousands of dispensers in the Midwest.