AutoFlush® Toilet/Urinal Flusher


AutoFlush® Toilet/Urinal Flusher

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#401805T, 401805U - Each
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by Rubbermaid

Automatic, touch-free flushing systems for toilets or urinals keeps fixtures flushed and presentable.

  • Many public and office restroom users do not flush, creating transient odors
  • Autoflush® solves this issue and leaves washrooms looking and smelling cleaner.
  • Reduces water consumption in many buildings.
  • Eliminates a major source of cross-contamination in restrooms.
  • Prevents odors by ensuring that fixtures are flushed after every use
  • Promotes good hygiene by eliminating potential points of cross-contamination
  • No water shut-off required to install
  • Slides over existing flush handle
  • Smart Object Infrared Technology manages flushing automation for world-class reliability
  • Long battery life, 3+ years or up to 60,000 flushes
  • Toilet and urinal models available
  • Toilet model has courtesy flush button
  • Easy installation. 
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