On-Line ordering benefits

  • Order 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week. Whenever you need to order, just jump on line and in seconds you're done.
  • Order before 4 p.m., get your order the next morning! If you're in a PUR-O-ZONE fleet delivery area, you can get something you need fast for our modest $3.50 delivery fee and $50 minimum order. If we ship to you, know that your order for stocking items can go out the next morning. (We ship or deliver Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.)
  • Accurate.Takes most of the potential for ordering miscommunications out of the equation. POZone.net is the most accurate method of ordering from PUR-O-ZONE.
  • Fast and efficient. Once we set you up, your pricing and order items are ready for you to select and add quantities.
  • Study your ordering. Whether it's YTD expenditures or what you ordered last June, ordering through POZone.net allows you to review your patterns in several ways.
  • An instant record of what you've ordered. Need to inform others what is coming in? Just forward your confirmation email or print from the order archives.
  • Train faster. Do your custodians place orders? POZone.net makes it fast and easy to train new employees. Most items include pictures making ordering even easier.

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