I Hope to Serve You Well

CRAIG GRAHAM - 816-752-0059


I would like to share with you the following kind words from a customer of mine, Mr. David Lee, the Facilities Manager at Cameron R-1 Public Schools. My heartfelt desire is to have a relationship with each of my customers that adds value to the wonderful product lines and support staff that PUR-O-ZONE has assembled over its 70-year-plus history:

"I have worked with several custodial supply companies in the last 13 years, none of which even come close to the service provided through Craig Graham and Pur-O-Zone. Craig is not just a salesmen, he is a true service representative. He has set up training seminars and demonstrations for our staff on numerous occasions and we are in total agreement that training is an ongoing thing.

Craig is very knowledgeable in all products and equipment in the custodial and building maintenance field. If you ask a question he is unfamiliar with he does not fake an answer, he locates an expert in the field and gets back with an answer very quickly. I personally have never called Craig when either he did not answer immediately or called me back within fifteen minutes. It is a real pleasure to work with Craig. He is truly a professional. His goal is to help you and your company achieve the cleanest buildings possible in the most efficient way possible.

Craig has introduced new cleaning methodology into the Cameron School District that has our teachers, administration, and patrons wowed by the results. Comments like 'I’ve never seen the building so clean.' I can with no reservation at all recommend Craig Graham with Pur-O-Zone to help with your custodial supply and equipment needs."