Laundry Depth a Game Changer

by Pete Falcon

One of the great things about working with PUR-O-ZONE is our bench depth. Not only do you have star players like me to work with (hope you know my sense of humor by now), but we have players that come in with specialty expertise that are spot on. Laundry is one of those areas where we are deep.

Low-temperature laundry is a huge breakthrough that PUR-O-ZONE is leading in the region introducing, while others are still spinning their wheels. And I understand why others in our field are dragging their feet – change makes you work. At PUR-O-ZONE, we are always working to be ahead of the curve.

Low-temp laundry has great potential for our customers and prospects, and we have proven at numerous upgrades how your laundry can be less costly to run. At the same time you're saving in utility bills, you can be reducing purchasing costs by extending the life of linens, uniforms, and anything else you wash on-site.

Throughout the region we have many laundry (and foodservice) customers. Not only are we leading them in energy savings and sustainability, but introducing complete green programs that actually work better than the traditional programs most of us are familiar with.

Laundry is an exciting area I can really help you with, and you can start that process today by contacting me.  Why not call me right now at (785) 658-5481. This is a fast-growing part of our assistance to helping customers do more with less, so we must be doing it right.

Our Pledge to You

We will work to meet your organization's individual needs by:

  1. Protecting and preserving your people resources and hard assets through increasing the cleanliness and the hygiene of your facility.
  2. Increasing the professionalism of your cleaning staff through emphasis on consistent and relevant education. This education is part of a cycle of alignment aimed at continuous improvement.
  3. Improving the efficiency of your overall cleaning budget through tailored education, maximizing productivity and utilizing appropriate automation.
  4. Focusing on making measurable improvements within your staff competencies rather than just promoting new products.