To Reduce Winter Colds and Flu, Increase Behavior-Modification Communications

We are all "creatures of habit." So what we do out of routine, without thinking, is an important part of every day - as well as keeping our mental health on an even keel. Too many new challenges and we burn out, not enough and we fall into a dull routine. The trick is to work toward having more good habits on our list than bad, and sometimes that takes reminders.

Behavior modification is an on-going job in the workplace and schools. When it comes to reminding everyone that handwashing is important in reducing illness, visuals improve learning up to 400 percent. It is an important thing to work into your health mix, because every day, 95 percent of restroom users are still cutting corners when it comes to washing their hands.

Here are a few letter-sized signs that are easy to print and help remind that the habit of washing correctly is key to protecting our health, as well as that of others.