The Right Pad Makes an Important Difference

In being familiar with a wide variety of pad types available, PUR-O-ZONE has considerable experience in evaluation. One observation that seems to hold true is that while there are many lines of pads on the market, it is hard to produce a line of pads that works exceptionally well. And exceptional performance is very important to the process.

The following words are from a 3M document, and they seem to summarize our similar observations:

"The differences between floor pads may seem small. But when added up, they can make a big difference to your bottom line in terms of productivity and labor costs. Consider the following attributes of 3M floor pads that help set them apart from the competition:
  • Uniform distribution of mineral abrasives throughout pad—not just on the surface — offers impressive performance and a long, useful life.
  • Individually separated and coated fibers help produce more consistent, high-quality results.
  • The combination of highly conformable fibers help to provide maximum pad-to-floor contact."

PUR-O-ZONE will emphasize 3M pads as our main go-to line-up for most floor-care processes. Like many other superior products, this line costs more than some of the alternative lines. We know that pads are not an area where a lesser product pays off, and it will be our recommendation that under most circumstances, the cost difference in a 3M pad is more than made up for in-use when all costs, results and performance are considered.

Here is a handy guide you can download and print on 11x17 for reference.