Speed Vacuuming with a Floor Tool
that was Designed to Fly


Backpack vacuums are more maneuverable and ergonomic than uprights. They also double productivity. Studies in Columbia, Missouri, schools show backpacks were valuable enough to justify going from specialty uses to uniform use throughout buildings. They make fewer people able to do more vacuuming.

Among backpacks there are other features that can add onto the efficiencies. Battery packs, for example, instead of being corded can lead to a 40% additional pickup.

Now, ProTeam has improved the floor tool and wand themselves to allow for moving through work both more quickly and more comfortably.


Side to Side

Sweeping motion is another factor, and ProTeam has just introduced an aid to getting the most from this edge. Uprights require a back-and-forth motion that is not only slow, it wears operator arms and shoulders by pushing and pulling the weight of the entire unit. The weight of a backpack vacuum is carried over your hips.

If you have been on even a two-mile hike with supplies, you know the importance of centering the load over your legs to lighten and balance. Carrying weight with the arms is the most tiring method, and that is what push-pull with an upright is doing.

Operators using side-to-side motion with rotation at the hips can move at a much faster and easier clip.


ProBlade for carpet. A similar design handles hard surfaces.

The ProBlade(TM) for hard surfaces and ProBlade for carpeted surfaces work with the telescoping wand to make for a revolutionary tool that you really need to use to believe. The additional speed working across open areas, maneuvering around and under furniture, vacuuming steps, handling vertical and even ceiling surfaces, or moving down hallways is amazing. The tool pivots forward with a joint that works very much like your foot. Dual suction tubes make for even pickup at the ends of the tool and the two designs (hard surface or carpet) make each tool travel smoothly and lightly. The telescoping wand allows for perfect height adjustment, which makes pivoting at the hips easy and fluid.

The ProBlade works like your ankle so the telescoping wand can pivot easily forward or backward.

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