When You Upgrade to Battery, You Upgrade Productivity at the Same Time

ProTeam introduced lightweight backpack vacuums to the cleaning industry over 25 years ago. 

It was quickly found that backpack vacuums could cut time involved in vacuuming offices, classrooms and reception areas in half the time of conventional uprights while doing a more thorough job.

In early December 2014, Rex Morrison, founder of Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools, was working at the University of Hartford training their lead custodian. Before he arrived, one issue they wanted to tackle was the custodial staff being slowed down by their upright vacuums. Morrison recommended a switch to backpack vacuums to improve vacuuming speed.

“In a switch from an upright vacuum to a corded backpack vacuum, we see a 40 percent gain in productivity,” said Morrison. “Then, when we switch from a corded backpack to a unit such as the GoFree Flex Pro cordless backpack, we see another 40 percent to 50 percent gain in productivity over the corded backpack. When you add them together, it’s phenomenal.” 

Backpack Vacuuming Productivity

The new GoFree Flex Pro is the latest innovation in efficient vacuuming from ProTea,. When ProTeam released its predecessor, the GoFree Pro, in 2012, Morrison documented that the cordless backpack reduced a four-hour vacuuming shift by one to 1.5 hours. The GoFree Flex Pro is 14 percent lighter than the GoFree Pro and its runtime has been increased to approximately one hour. 

With its longer runtime, the GoFree Flex Pro is ideal for routine cleaning. ProTeam is also offering a new six amp-hour (6Ah) battery option for the GoFree Flex Pro that reduces the weight to 17 pounds. The 6Ah battery provides an approximate thirty-minute runtime, making it an ergonomic option for detail cleaning or light duty.