Five Common Touchpoints that are Public Germ Factories

Dr. Charles Gerba, the Arizona University microbiologist known as "Dr, Germ," told NBC news about five places his studies over the years have found especially significant populations of germs:

1. Touch-screens at self-check-outs - 50% of these touch-screens, which can be found everywhere from grocery stores to pharmacies, had fecal bacteria. He found MRSA here, too. “There are actually more antibiotic-resistant bacteria on these screens than in a hospital.”

2. The first-floor elevator button - Parainfluenza, a virus that causes cold-like symptoms, is the especially common germ he found here.

3. The pull-down tray on an airplane - “We’ve found traces of influenza, norovirus and MRSA on airplane trays,” says Dr. Gerba. 

4. Coffee pot handle in the break room - 50% of the coffee pot handles had coliform bacteria, which in an indicator of fecal contamination. They also had parainfluenza.

 5. The restroom faucet handle - An obvious collection point for the germiest germs. They like it where they have moisture and heat, so the hot handle is particularly unsavory.

This is why cleaning today is less focused on appearance-only routines and has shifted to Cleaning for Health. Lists of more important places to make sure are germ free are being utilized by cleaning departments everywhere. 


We have a common solution to offer for all the contact points Dr. Gerba has mentioned in his top five. Not to mention, a wide range of other pathogens. The new Purell Foodservice Surface Sanitizer is great for common touchpoints similar to first-floor elevator buttons - killing norovirus in just 30 seconds. Just spray, wait a half minute, then wipe. But it is also accepted for use on food-contact surfaces, so that coffee pot handle (near edibles) and that airplane seatback tray (a food-contact surface) are easily handled.

This product was recently introduced. In what is the standard for a Purell, trusted product, several years went into the development, testing and registration of this sanitizer that can be used even on toys in a day-care setting. No potable water rinse is required in food-contact situations. It is an excellent solution for touch-point cleaning regimens on every surface people touch most often in offices, schools, restaurants and stores.

Multi-surface performance, lowest allowable EPA toxicity rating, rapid kill time for many health threats including norovirus, salmonella and E. coli (30 seconds), and NSF certified D2 (no-rinse required) rating.