How to Come out Ahead on the Other Side of Budget Reductions

It is likely there will be more pressure on custodial budgetS this year.

Another round of cutting supplies cost-quality or delaying automation, however, is probably not the best answer for most facility managers.

After cost-cutting, you are still faced with rising expectations, health challenges like MRSA and seasonal influenza, evolving green and sustainability requirements, and in some cases new uses of your facilities not envisioned when budgets were established.  Cutting further in these traditional areas is not often the best option, or your only one. Alignment offers a better alternative, and a proven methodology.

$19 out of every $20 you spend in your Annual Cleaning Budget is on people.

Alignment offers a proven solution

When you cut supplies, you are still working on a small portion - just 5 to 7 percent - of the annual cleaning budget. In other words, a 10% reduction in supplies nets about half of one percent from the overall budget. Yet supplies and automation are critical to productivity, achievement and building occupant satisfaction. So when you slice too deep, you handicap people doing already difficult jobs. Our solution is to help you concentrate on the largest part of the Annual Cleaning Budget: People Resources.

When you expand your viewpoint from cost-cutting to productivity enhancement, you reverse a trend of conflicts - between the needs of your custodial staff and the requirements of purchasing - that hurts your organization.  You can implement plans that result in efficiencies (cost reductions) that also have demonstrable payoffs in quality and return-on-investment. This is because they are based on changes in processes, not on further reductions in quality or features of the equipment and materials your people have available to work with. We have the roadmap you need, and have helped hundreds of customers use it.

Look into Alignment.