Fragrances that Evolve, Reverse Olfactory Fatigue

Your nose knows unusual smells from those that are expected.


Credit: Patrick J. Lynch, Wikipedia

Your nose is pretty smart as far as organs go. At least the part that is wired into the olfactory portions of the brain.  Olfactory is simply an adjective that means "of, or related to the sense of smell."

When you enter an area, your nose circuitry searches for unusual smells first - smells that might alert you to some information that could be important. Smell can tell your brain there is unsafe food around, possibly a predator, or maybe something pleasant or potentially helpful like fruit. If you are familiar with an area, unusual or different smells are prioritized. Like that roast cooking in the crock-pot you noticed when you walked inside from the garage last night. 

Over time, smells that stand out are blended in with the ambient, or background, of other smells in that area. Pretty soon, your brain may hardly notice the unusual smell at all, because it has become expected and your brain is ready to alert you to anything new that comes up. The nose is part of your primeval early alert system. The human nose is capable of detecting over 10,000 different odors, some in the range of parts per trillion of air. Most other animals have even more highly developed olfactory systems than humans. One theory is that as humans evolved to become the dominant predator on the planet, there was less and less need for the defense mechanism of smell, and as a result, that system became less refined. Still, the human nose is an amazing organ, and more is coming to light in current research on how it may affect our behavior.

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Restrooms have two kinds of odor in them, resident and transient. Resident odors come from issues that require cleaning, disinfection and elimination. For example, urine collection in grout under a urinal. Transient odors are those nearly unavoidable smells (unless you turn your restroom into a veritable wind tunnel) created simply by use of the area for its intended purpose of being a waste-collection station. Cue the odor control and fragrancing options.


One fragrance manufacturer talks about fighting "numb nose." What is being referred to is technically called olfactory fatigue by fragranceologists, and it is simply that tendency of the nose and the brain circuitry connected to it to render into the background any fragrance, no matter how noticeable or wonderful (or awful) at first. On the awful side of this, you have seen olfactory fatigue at work if you have ever entered a teenager's room, scrunched your nose up and said "whew!" but the teen was completely oblivious to the odor of socks, food in the trash can and the pet ferret whose litter had not been changed on time.

Therefore, when trying to provide a pleasant, stable and positive fragrance experience through air care in a restroom, one has to deal not only with the tendency of fragrance systems to deteriorate over time, but the nose's natural and powerful ability to ignore that fragrance.


Multi-phased fragrancing

Pro-Link's e-Merge™ utilizes a new process of delivering area fragrancing that remains interesting, fresh and stimulating to olfactory sensors. This is done by multi-phasing. Multi-phasing is simply the nesting of various different complimentary fragrancing notes in a core that exposes a ribbon of changing notes and base oils as it discharges. These complex compounds are also designed with sub-micron technology that allows particles of less than a micron in size, allowing much longer "hang time" in the room. In other words, noses have a longer time during which they can come in contact with the positive fragrances.


Pro-Link e-Merge provides nested, evolving fragrances that get noticed.

E-Merge has no propellants (like aerosols and liquids), so it is VOC*-exempt. There are no batteries consumed, no solvents and no wicks to later enter the environment "downstream." Every item on the refill is recyclable, even the clip that holds it in the dispenser.
*Volatile Organic Compound


E-Merge Fragrance Chart


E-Merge™ Multi-Phasing Dispenser/6

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  • Dispenser and refills 100% recyclable. (Not biodegradable.)
  • Uses e-Merge refills.
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E-Merge™ Multi-Phasing Air Care/6 Refills
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  • "Nested" fragrances evolve over time, fighting olfactory fatigue and getting better reviews from restroom and area users.
  • Sub-micron technology creates fragrance particles under one micron for longer "hang time."
  • No SDS (safety data sheet) required.
  • No propellants
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