Make the Jump to Efficient from Klunky String Mopping


Mops are a drag. Not only are they an ergonomic backache, they are one of the most inefficient cleaning holdovers from the 15th century (invented just four years after Columbus set foot on the New World*). Yet, they are still in use today in a surprising number of businesses, schools and public venues. 

Let's get past that and take a leap in effectiveness and comfort with the Advance SC100, a tactical-use upright scrubber that is right for everything the string mop is so wrong for.



  • String mops are heavy when loaded and hard to maneuver.
  • Wet string mops move a high percentage of soil and contaminants around, redepositing rather than eliminating them.
  • Mops are hard and messy to clean effectively. They require almost as much attention as the original cleaning job did.
  • Deteriorates easily
  • Creates fatigue
  • Offers poor cleaning results
  • Contributes to resident-odor accumulation


Advance™ Upright Scrubber
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  • Completely self-contained. Grab the handle and go get your mess or do your routine cleaning.
  • Ergonomic, efficient - compared to klunky mopping. And upright tactical scrubbing does not fatigue custodians as sliding around a heavy mop does. Wheels make the work much easier.
  • Contains and removes the soil and contaminants on your floor, instead of just spreading them around.
  • No mop strings left hanging on corners of furniture.
  • Two solution-flow settings and a low-solution indicator light help ensure better cleaning.
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable one or two-handed operation
  • Easy-to-handle recovery tank makes it easy to use for any size operator.
  • Low deck profile gives the operator easy access to hard-to- reach areas.
  • Dosing cap on board.
  • Built for reliability and long life.
  • PUR-O-ZONE services these units with Advance Certified expertise.



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