REVIEW: Crafted, Small-Batch Products Help EnvirOx® Make Products with Special Attributes

EnvirOx's(R) environmentally superior performance, safety and versatility, from our observation in scores of customer in-use situations, has not been matched by most manufacturers. Our repeat business on EnvirOx indicates high customer satisfaction, and our service reps give the dilution and dispensing systems high marks, both for reliability and ease of instruction.

"I can't remember the last time I had a request for a replacement part or a problem on an EnvirOx proportioner," Dave Rethman, PUR-O-ZONE parts manager reports.  

This is a review in very broad terms of the overall EnvirOx line, of which we were an early adopter. Most competitors to the EnvirOx line, joining the field in recent years, do not seem to have duplicated the original methodologies that have made this line work for our customers. EnvirOx claims special methods kept closely guarded (only three people in the world know all their secret formulas, according to the just-released video below) for creating and applying hydrogen peroxide to get superior disinfection and cleaning results. We have noted that some formulas added to the marketplace by competitive lines may tack on "hydrogen peroxide cleaner/disinfectant" to an existing quaternary agent, relying on the traditional toxicity of the quat for efficacy, and just adding hydrogen peroxide. 

Part of the difference in effectiveness seems to be in the manufacturing process itself. Small batches and dedicated line staff, rather than large-scale automation, seem to help EnvirOx produce products that require finesse. 


So, EnvirOx Pure Crafted(TM) products - even after several years of new entries in the category of environmentally preferrable products - continue to produce results we would place in our top ranks as a line. This is particularly true in the case of H2Orange2 Concentrate 117, the most popular and versatile product in the line-up, and Multi-Purpose Cleaner (formerly Evolve02). What we find some customers do not know is that the high concentrations of EnvirOx products produce more cost-effective results when compared with alternatives. So much so that EnvirOx has recently begun to illustrate the comparisons against the field of alternative products by making the conversions easy to see.*


In the Editor's Choice category, EnvirOx has some very unique products in the line that are occasionally overlooked, yet have features that make them useful when compared with similar products. Critical Care(TM) disinfectant, for example, has residual capability to continue to fight bacteria for 24 hours after application. It has been registered specifically for this capability against three representative pathogens. Carpet Care(TM) introduced encapsulation technology that separates stains from carpets and allows them to be vacuumed away. We have long found that reducing moisture required in the carpet-cleaning process is always a plus, reducing drying times, putting traffic lanes back in service faster, allowing for daytime cleaning and making instances of mold or mildew less likely.

*Call to ask about in-use cost comparisons against other products you may be using, or ask your PUR-O-ZONE representative.