An Economical Formula for Preventing Ice Melter pH Damage

Ice melters are a necessary part of reducing slips and falls. But they are murder on floors. So is the sand tracked in from treated lots and streets.

Bond-Ayd gives you an economical solution, when used in a frequent cleaning regimen for entryways.

Follow these 5 easy guidelines:

1. Use 30 feet of high quality entryway matting. Laundry service matting will not do the trick. 

2. The matting should have an outdoor section designed for gross debris removal, an interior scraping segment and finally an absorbent drying section.

3. Matting should follow traffic patterns. A mat that is not walked on cannot not remove or contain debris. Custom-sized and cut mats should be a part of every professional entryway. One lawsuit or worker's compensation claim due a slip or fall accident can make the investment in customized mats that follow all traffic patterns look very low. 

4. Clean mats in place. Properly sized mats are broad enough and heavy enough to be well-cleaned with equipment you probably already have for carpet care within the building. Custom mats absorb and scrape much better than lightweight rental mats that have to be carted back and forth to the laundry and that are effective for very short periods during a snowstorm. 

5. Use Bond-Ayd diluted at 2 ounces per gallon of water to remove and neutralize ice melt residue with a microfiber mop charging system. Do this work frequently during inclement weather. 

Floor Neutralizer

#BONDAYD-04 - Case 4 Gallons
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Bond-Ayd is a concentrated floor preparation product used to neutralize and condition hard floor surfaces before application of sealers or finishes. Keep on hand for snowy days to neutralize and clean away ice-melter chemistry before it can harm floor surfaces.

  • Conditions and neutralizes
  • Free-rinsing, low odor
  • Critical step for superb finishing results
  • Vinyl, ceramic tile, finished hardwoods
  • Excellent ice-melter residue remover


for use in commercial, workplace, industrial, education

The results? Keeping sand and mud outside the building and contained in quality mats saves the cost of removal from throughout the building. That cost has been calculated at $600 a pound based on data from hundreds of facilities. (ISSA data)

Keeping grit and sand off finished floors dramatically extends their finish life. Keeping grit out of carpet extends fiber integrity and life. 

Finally, keeping the pH properly adjusted by mopping with a Bond-Ayd solution will also extend floor finish life. Just mopping without bringing pH back in line does half the necessary job.