No-Touch Cleaning Helps Fewer People Do More

Kaivac's 2150 UnitThere's no question, the verdict has been in for some time. No-Touch cleaning - using a self-contained, portable, pressure-washing and HEPA vacuuming system - is not only healthier for the operator and much more effective removing odor-causing microorganisms, but it is also much more productive as well.

These platforms are great for tiled restrooms even if there are no drains. But they are also great for stairwells, mats, outdoor walkways, locker rooms, showers, cafeterias, kitchens and anywhere a multi-purpose wet and dry platform can assist you. Which is just about everywhere. Restrooms are completed in about a third the time of conventional methods, and much more completely. Using HFFE (High-Flow Fluid Extraction) techniques, tile grout, areas behind toilets, undersides of sinks, behind faucets, floor corners, kitchen areas underneath tables and stoves and drains are all blasted free of germs and build-ups that mops just leave behind. All done in a portion of the time of mopping. The R.O.I. is excellent. Used consistently, your restrooms and kitchens will smell cleaner and will be more germ-free.

If you are interested in greener cleaning, you should know that Kaivac just received EPA registration of this methodology as a "Sanitizing Device" using no chemistry at all! Obviously, many jobs will still require chemistry, but the point is clear, mopping and sponging germs around the restroom or kitchen can be a thing of the past.

Hillyard C2 unit.These platforms are versatile and can stand in for a lot of other equipment, too. So for a capital outlay that will eventually translate into reducing your people costs, they are hard to beat. The vacuum is HEPA filtered, and also serves as a blower/dryer. You can deep-clean stairwells, then remove all the liquid for a clean you can't get from mopping or sweeping. In classrooms, the vacuum system is fast and efficient. For accidents involving vomit or body fluids, they are the way to go. All the liquid is quarantined, and there is no cross-contamination between recovered liquid and fresh liquid sprayed to start the next cleaning job.

There are a number of systems out there. Let me help you look at one that fits your needs.