A Fantastic Combo!

KELLY MONTGOMERY - 785-221-4431


I feel blessed to have the best of two important cleaning worlds. First, I work for the best regional distributor (and manufacturer) of janitorial supplies in the Midwest. In addition, that distributor partners with the best national manufacturer and educator of janitorial systems in the world. The PUR-O-ZONE-Hillyard partnership could not be better for the customers in my territory. Both headquarters are nearby, and I have access to janitorial brainpower and training resources that are truly mind boggling. At least it boggles my mind on occasion.

I can help you apply computer-analysis techniques to the custodial program in your facility (search "CCAP" information on our site) and use education and measurement methods through our Alignment Process to perhaps improve on where you thought you could be. Slashing budgets is widespread - what is unique is our approach of taking your best people and increasing productivity to compensate and even overcome those reductions without jeopardizing the quality of your staff.

I have access to some of the top educators not just in this area, but worldwide, through Hillyard's education systems which are really awesome. PUR-O-ZONE is also a heavily education-oriented corporation that can help you with anything from pandemic planning to green, sustainable building practices.

Join me and I promise to help you do more with less!