To Improve Student or Employee Health, Modify Behavior

Your janitorial or facility maintenance department can have an impact on keeping students in school and employees at work, and free of illness. Seem unlikely? It is not, according to a growing body of studies showing how important a clean and low-contamination environment with cleaner air is to student and employee attendance and productivity.

Take Giant Steps with Your Floor Refinishing

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Advanced Floor Refinishing Tips

TIP 1 - If you are refinishing floors as you did just two years ago, you are perhaps spending twice as much on chemistry and taking two and a half times longer than necessary.

TIP 2 - If you are still relying heavily on floor stripper chemistry, you are utilizing much riskier labor practices than you need to.

TIP 3 - If you are waiting five to seven days to replace furniture, so that it does not stick to your newly refinished floors, you can reduce that to same-day furniture resetting.

TIP 4 - Standard floor refinishing often takes two or three custodians working together. Advanced methods can be handled by a single, well-trained janitor.

TIP 5 - Advanced techniques utilize technological breakthroughs to gain productivity:

  Orbital scrubbing - Much more thorough and effective finish removal by both micro and macro scrubbing motions

  Mechanical stripping - Trading in slippery, odorful stripper for surface prep pad use with water

  Ultra-fast drying, long-life finishes - Refinishing much faster and less often to improve budgets in a major way.

  Propane burnishing - Fast, efficient finishing with a propane walk-behind has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. We can help with that...see the opportunity to apply for a demonstration below.

  Replacement of chemistry with water - Water and surface prep pads can do more work faster than chemical stripping, requires no neutralizing and costs very little.

TIP 6 - The results of these methods are:

  • Better looking floors
  • Longer periods between restoration work
  • Less slip and fume issues for operators
  • Much shorter finish times
  • Much less lost opportunity/inconvenience for building occupants
  •  Lower department costs through productivity improvements

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Download "How Long Should it Take You to Refinish a 900 sq. ft. room?"

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