ISSA-Reducing Hospital Acquired Infections

Seriously, Did You Just Walk Away Without Washing?

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Here are five things you can do to improve health in your building this fall:

TIP 1 - Incorporate a Cleaning for Health focus into your daily cleaning routines. Make a list of common touchpoints that your staff will clean and treat with a specialized disinfectant cleaner, like Envirox Critical Care, that provides residual effectiveness.

TIP 2 - Utilize a desktop cleaning system, like Kaifly, that allows janitors to quickly clean and disinfect the desks in your offices or school. Many studies have shown special attention to desktops pays dividends that well exceed the cost of incorporating them into the routine. Video demonstration.

TIP 3 - Remind people about healthy hands through your newsletter and posters. This type of behavior modification can improve on the surprisingly high percentage of persons who use restrooms without washing their hands.

TIP 4 - Install hand sanitizer stations, like Purell with skin conditioners, outside restrooms, near breakroom facilities, inside conference rooms and at the front entryway to your building. A corporate culture of hand hygiene is signalled by these opportunities to reduce cross contamination between workers or students.

TIP 5 - Use a rapid restroom cleaning system, like Kaivac, to leave more surfaces 99.9% free of bacteria with just water. The Rapid Restroom Sanitizing system is lab proven more effective and 40% faster than normal methods. By focusing on restrooms your staff can break a major source of cross-contamination in buildings.

Download items from our Healthy Hands Toolkit