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Improving Cleaning Budgets is All About People

$19 of $20 you spend on cleaning you spend on people.


Why do some cleaning budgets continue to stagger following a recessionary period while others are cleaning more square footage to higher APPA standards on 60% of what their budget was in 2007? Alignment is one answer. From the condensed white paper on cleaning alignment, available to you for download: 

"No two cleaning and maintenance departments are the same. They vary by the environment they are paired with, the management structure and the cleaning protocols and challenges they face. But there are many similarities or givens that, on average, represent shared issues for most facility maintenance departments. Common ground exists among completely unique cleaning entities across varied industries.

You can with near certainty, for example, assume that since 2007 most cleaning functions have at one time, or even continuously, focused on one or all five of these universal responses to cleaning budget reductions..."

White Paper Download:

Why Cleaning Alignment Succeeds Where Cost-Cutting has Failed

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Learn to Conquer the Amazing Disappearing School Budget at KASBO Convention in Topeka April 9-11, 2014

The Kansas Association of School Business Officials will converge in Topeka April 9-11, 2014 to address, among other issues, the seemingly never-ending pressure on school district cleaning budgets. PUR-O-ZONE is combining forces with the Hutchinson Public Schools to tell a compelling story of working successfully to reduce total cleaning budgets 40% (not just the supplies segment) while simultaneously increasing square footage of built environment being cleaned. 


Hutchinson Public Schools has embodied in its Strategic Plan the operational goal of:

“Providing clean and safe learning and working environments that support quality work by students and staff.”

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Through the district’s partnership with PUR-O-ZONE, the facilities of Hutchinson Public Schools have met the challenges of today’s shrinking budgets while seeing an increase in the level of clean. This is the result of a 5-pronged Alignment improvement and efficiency approach.

Speakers for the seminar are Hutchinson USD 308's Randy Norwood, Executive Director of Operations and Mark McFarland, PUR-O-ZONE's Education Market Director. 

Clean School Audit Kit Offer - Good through April 30th

Ready for the Storm? OSHA Requires Written Emergency Plan Including Tornado Prep

How ready are your employees for a tornado warning during a work shift? Preparation is not only important to their safety, but OSHA requires your written emergency program to include tornado planning, information provided to employees, shelter plans, and even drills for many companies. See the link at the bottom of this page to begin researching if your company falls under this planning umbrella.

Kansas Incubating New Business at Near Record Rate

The State of Kansas offers start-up business guidelines and aids. See the link at the bottom of this blog.Kansas may have budget headaches on the legislative level, but the small business sector is rolling out new business start-ups at an expanding rate. This would have to be a positive sign for both the short and long-term as small business makes up over half of all jobs in the United States - 65% of jobs created over the past 17 years, according to the Small Business Administration.

According to figures released by the Kansas Secretary of State's office, 2012 saw just over 15,000 new business filings in the state, up 10% from the prior year.

In 2012, PUR-O-ZONE introduced our first Small Business Specialist, Trey Collins. Trey's work provides a dedicated cleaning information resource for small businesses in the state, regardless of size. You can reach Trey here by email, or by calling 785-856-9458.  

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