Custom-Cut Mats are Beautiful and Functional

Your entryways are key to three important safeguards in your building. First, they protect the impression people form about your oganization when they arrive. Those first impressions set the tone and are very important to all that follows.

Second, properly handled, entryways can control 85% (or more) of the soil that enters your building. The same soil, debris and grit that creates wear and tear on the floors throughout.

Finally, but perhaps most important, they can reduce your slip/fall risks, particularly during rainy and snowy seasons. One slip/fall claim alone - even if unsuccessful - can run up costs far exceeding the relatively inexpensive methods of prevention through moisture and soil intake management.  

Therefore, your company or organization has a lot to gain from attractive, customized mats that are long enough and absorbent enough to do their very important jobs.

Especially if you are renting, which is the most expensive way to get the least effective moisture and soil control, you have a lot to gain. In just six months to a year and a half of rental costs, you can usually own mats that will last 3-5 years in many cases.

In Kansas and Western Missouri, please call to get the ball rolling on an entryway review, measurement and recommendation so you can size up the investment and returns for yourself. 

7 Tips for Designing Effective Entryway Mat Systems