How a Florida School System Saved Money Extending Carpet Life

"We started this whole carpet research program because we were working too hard to make only marginal improvement."  - District Custodial Coordinator, Florida School District

A Sustainable Model for High Performance

A unique, hands-on study, called simply The Manual, documents how one Florida school district's Plant Manager's Executive Committe developed a radical, high-performance program that turned commercial soft floor maintenance and cleaning wisdom on its head. The manual is available via PUR-O-ZONE for $45 plus shipping/handling.

The management model drives every aspect of soft floor maintenance within the district. The top ten steps reflected in the detailed how-to guide are:

1. Get Organized

Buy-in from management allows you to organize and take on tasks. 

2. Identify the Problems or Needs

There is probably a better way to do what you are charged to do. Identification of the need is the starting point for gradual change.

3. Conduct Research

Find and consult with other organizations wrestling with the same things you identify as issues.

4. Gather the Data

Numbers help you clarify and focus.

5. Decide

Based on the data, make a plan. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it does have to be started.

6. Request the Budget

Thorough preparation. Thorough preparation. Thorough preparation.

7. Orient Users for Buy-In

Let those who will implement know what is coming and why.

8. Training

Hands-on training with supervision makes the difference between theory and practice.

9. Monitor

Follow up and identify where to re-train. You get what you measure.

10. Assess Sustainability

What works in testing may not be sustainable in your actual environment under "real world" constraints. Plan for improvement, then start the process gain.

This Executive Summary will help you understand the value of Host's guide.

To order The Manual, for $45 plus $12.35 shipping/handling, notify us here, and we will contact you directly.