How Removing Your Burnisher Pad Can Save You One or More C-Notes

Our service department has started tagging repaired burnishers to help customers avoid an expensive, but surprisingly common, repair problem. Replaced pad drivers.

Burnisher pad drivers are cupped so the edges apply more pressure to the pad than the center. Because burnishers turn at high rates of speed, variables like this are important. The design prevents drag. Too much drag from a warped (no longer cupped the right way) burnisher pad driver and the unit is harder to maneuver, and more amperage is drawn from the motor. The additional heat created can cause wiring and motor problems.

To keep the pad driver cupped and working properly, the pad should be removed for standing upright when not in use so the driver simply hangs, suspended from the unit. A block of wood is recommended as a spacer for the front of the unit to keep it level. It is a simple process, but one often overlooked. Pad drivers are not inexpensive to replace, and overheated motors and wiring can also lead to repair expense. So removing the pad helps reduce costs and keeps your burnisher ready to do your bidding.