Get a Free 3-pack of 11x17 Handwashing Posters


Fall is a good time to start building stronger hygiene habits to ward off winter illness. Influenza generally begins to climb starting in October. Colds, sore throat, norovirus infections and cold-related asthma also grow, often peaking in January and February.

Here's a behavior modification poster you can use at a great price if you are a PUR-O-ZONE customer - free. We'll even get them delivered to your door. Regularly $3.50 each, this poster helps employees, students and visitors think about washing hands more often and how often they encounter potentially germy touchpoints.

Illustrated with our own Pozzy the bubble man, this also is a great poster for schools.

Just tell us where to deliver them. Extra three packs are also on special for just $7.87 if ordered at the same time.


If you're calling in, order #WHENTOWASH-3.

If you're not currently a PUR-O-ZONE customer, you can still get the three pack at the sale price of $7.87 plus shipping of $4 for up to 4 packs by ordering on a credit card at 800-727-7876. Ask for Trey, our poster guru. 

All posters are shipped folded in half.

Download poster art.