Should You Be Cleaning Your Own Mats Instead of Renting?

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Owning versus renting. Which program is the most cost effective?

  • Rental mat programs average about $.20 per square foot per week. That’s $3.00 for every 3x5 mat rented every week for an annual cost of $156.00 each! A 3x5 mat doesn't begin to do the job you need in the first place. Every year as long as the mat is rented you keep paying $156, then $312, then $468 for that same, ineffective mat year in and year out. If the contract renews at the end of a period you cannot remember, it is possible you are signed up for another long term.

    A high performance WaterHog mat from Andersen with a bi-Level cleaning surface will cost less than half of that $156 the first year and nothing for the remaining life of the mat. You can put the additional money into the type and length of matting you really need to protect people and your building.

Entryway Effectiveness Audit

Here are some things to consider regarding Rental Mat Programs: 

  • Companies using rental mats generally find they have to vacuum them between scheduled trips to the laundry. During inclement weather, extras are sometimes needed. Snow may cause extraction to be required. So in reality, many companies are already cleaning their rental mats part of the time.
  • Rental mat programs generally provide a thin style of mat that is easier for them to transport and launder. These lightweight mats are quickly crushed down on the surface and warped or torn at the edges. 
  • One quick snowstorm can overwhelm rental mats, sometimes in a short time during a busy traffic period. A single muddy boot crossing can make a mess that dries on top of the mat and crumbles, and gets tracked into your facility.
  • Rental mats come to you in conditions beyond your control. If they were in a veterinary clinic last, or a place where gum gets on them or in an oily environment, you may inherit those problems. that to deal with because the laundering process generally does not do a good job on these ou also have no control over the age of the mats. 
  • Rental mats come only in a few color options, often not matching each other in shading depending on their age and which batch they were purchased. Rental mats are offered in just four standard sizes.
  • The longest mat size carried by many laundry companies is 10 feet. The Carpet and Rug Institute has found it takes a minimum of 12 feet of better quality matting to remove 80% of soil coming into a building. 3M studies recommend 20 feet to do the job and 30 feet where possible, composed of a three-part process: Scrape, Clean and Absorb.
  • If you rent a rubber-like scraper mat for outside your door, they may not be cleaned at all by the laundry, only rented to you. 
  • The expense of rental mats in one to two years is greater than the cost of purchasing better mats.
  • You already clean and vacuum the other carpeted areas in your facility. Why not do the same for entry matting? Better matting at lower costs.
  • If you own your mats, you can have custom-cut sizes and shapes to add beauty and cover the actual traffic patterns.

  • Rental mats leave a biger environmental footprint. Fuel to transport them 26 or 52 times a year, and heated washing processes in huge machines make them a less-green alternative.