Ten Perks to Cleaning Carpets with Ultra-Low Moisture

Traditional carpet cleaning involves large amounts of water. Water is injected deeply into the carpet, often reaching even floor underlayment. Only a portion of that water can be extracted back out. Then the race is on to air dry enough of the remaining water out of the carpet before mold or mildew can form.

Ultra-low moisture cleaning using Host Sponges® is a different approach. Instead of applying cleaner both before and during application of water, the Host method uses a material that looks something like sawdust to absorb and remove soils from carpet. The material has a very low amount of moisture in it; so low that the area can be returned to use nearly immediately following cleaning.

Not only is the method of lifting soil different, but the dry extraction method is different as well. Host utilizes some of the strongest and most effective vacuums ever built to remove both the sponges material, along with dirt from layers much deeper in the carpet than normal vacuuming can remove.


Host carries the liquid ingredients necessary to the carpet fibers in a controlled way through the Sponges material. The soft, organic, natural Sponges contain all the necessary liquid to dissolve and absorb both water-based and oil-based dirt. Oil-based soiling is harder for primarily liquid-based wet-cleaning processes to remove.

Chemical and mechanical action together remove the soiling. This is why Host vacuums have counter-revolving cylindrical brushes and extremely powerful motors. The result, when combined with the action of the cleaning Sponges material, is very clean carpet that is ready to use without waiting hours for fans to blow-dry fibers.

CASE STUDY: Dry Carpet Care in Missouri School District Controls Humidity, Mold and Lengthens Carpet Life

So what are the ten perks to ultra-low moisture carpet cleaning?

  1. Carpets are ready to be used in minutes, not hours
  2. Low-moisture method improves indoor air quality
  3. No soapy residues left behind
  4. Super-low chance of mold
  5. Super-low chance of mildew
  6. Safe for all types of carpet
  7. Reduces dust mites by 70%
  8. Reduces mold spores by 97%
  9. Reduces animal allergens by 85%
  10. Environmentally friendly and conserves water