Improving Cleaning Budgets is All About People

$19 of $20 you spend on cleaning you spend on people.


Why do some cleaning budgets continue to stagger following a recessionary period while others are cleaning more square footage to higher APPA standards on 60% of what their budget was in 2007? Alignment is one answer. From the condensed white paper on cleaning alignment, available to you for download: 

"No two cleaning and maintenance departments are the same. They vary by the environment they are paired with, the management structure and the cleaning protocols and challenges they face. But there are many similarities or givens that, on average, represent shared issues for most facility maintenance departments. Common ground exists among completely unique cleaning entities across varied industries.

You can with near certainty, for example, assume that since 2007 most cleaning functions have at one time, or even continuously, focused on one or all five of these universal responses to cleaning budget reductions..."

White Paper Download:

Why Cleaning Alignment Succeeds Where Cost-Cutting has Failed

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