An 8-Section Tool Kit that will Change the Way Your School Cleans

Extreme cuts in school funding have left cleaning staffs with fewer options every year now for many years. The response suggested by some distributors was to implement cheaper restroom supply systems and lower-quality chemistry. Districts who have made those types of quality cuts have often found they increased their expenditures, particularly buying paper or soap on a case-price basis, rather than actual cost-in-use basis. 

PUR-O-ZONE did not support the cheaper supplies approach, principally because it affects only about 5% of the cleaning budget, far too little to respond to huge reductions in funding. In fact, cheaper supplies reduce productivity, and the resulting dirtier conditions are connected with lowered test scores, increased absence and reduced general performance of students.


The majority of budget-altering options lie in helping equip staffs to perform better. Advanced training, equipment, automation, management structure, and measurement hold the potential for positive change. Now, you can analyze those options in your district to document how everyone can collaborate for improvement, when perhaps it appeared most of the options were already exhausted.

PUR-O-ZONE has performed Clean School Management assessments at many districts of various sizes across Kansas and western Missouri. Some of the resulting programs have been in place for seven or more years. Results include having higher definitions of clean with 40% lower cleaning budgets while cleaning higher square footages.



Clean School Management Toolkit
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The Clean School Management Tool Kit offers users the same processes PUR-O-ZONE applies in analyzing the potential a school district has for improvement. For $195, school district cleaning administrators can be walked through page by page, written by industry veterans. A logical, step-by-step process of audit, gap analysis and alignment planning.

If your school is in Kansas or Western Missouri, you may qualify for an on-site Alignment Program through our Clear Source contract.


The results this program leads you through can change the way you choose to operate your department.