Sloppy Weather Calls for a Wet Vac

ProGuard LI 3 cordless portable wet/dry vacuum by ProTeam.

If you have wet, wintry mixes to clean up, you're going to need a wet or dry vacuum to do the job. Why? If you take a traditional vacuum, designed for dry soils, the water will be channeled directly to the fan motor assembly, which is not designed for moisture. The vacuum will be damaged, if not ruined.

So cleaning in place of entryway mats can be done best with a wet/dry designed vacuum, where water is channeled such that it is retained in a reservoir you empty as it fills.

Convenient, cordless, portable wet/dry vacuums can be placed near your entryways and will stand ready to clean up messes as they occur. In buying a small unit, you just acquired an indispensable time saver for quick clean ups of drink spills before they have a chance to set in.

For larger entryway systems, larger wet/dry vacuums, or even extractors may be most appropriate. If you have customized mats in constrained spaces such as revolving doors, you may need a combination of small and portable along with larger and more powerful. 


One of the biggest advantages of clean-in-place mats is that on wet and wintry days, you can use a wet/dry vac or extractor to keep your matting from logging up with moisture as it happens, instead of waiting days for a laundry service to arrive - or renting two sets of mats. Either way, clean-in-place matting will save you greatly over time versus the less green and much more costly pick-up-and-transport matting from the laundry.