Focus on "the Other 95 Percent"


One estimate has the supplies portion of the cleaning budget down to just 5%. That leaves 95% of the budget to people costs.

In acknowledgement of this fundamental and noteworthy fact, PUR-O-ZONE's program for small and mid-sized schools, universities, factories and offices helps transform your department from bidding and cost-cutting to an efficiency-promoting juggernaut.

A Focus On People-Improving Instead of Cost-Cutting

From Clear Source presentation:

"...Labor can be made more efficient, reducing costs while making improvements in the definition of clean.

However, [conversely] as supply costs are reduced [through agressive cost-cutting], return on investment declines, and labor required often increases."

Power Cleaning Guru and CIMS expert, Mark McFarland, can help you make the jump to light speed. Call him at (316) 644-2223.

Eliminating Seven Hidden Costs in Bidding