Floor Maintenance Pad Quick Guide

Choosing the right pad for the automated maintenance job you are getting ready to handle involves knowing the types of pads and what they do best. That is summarized, in general at least, by a color code system. Most manufacturers follow the basic color code, but there are nuances. Each manufacturer produces some unique pads. There are also color codes for brushes. Brushes have a great return on investment. For more on brush selection, see this how-to guide on changing from pads to brushes

What sounds confusing, 3M has boiled down to a wall chart, and we are boiling that chart down just a bit more to give you a quick guide for reference. It is easy to print this article by selecting PRINT at the top of the blog. For access to the original full wall chart, download here.  

The Pad Selection Basics

You need to know what you want to do, the speed of the floor unit you are using (in some cases, this is in general terms - see the chart below) and then you can select the appropriate pad for the job. The full chart includes some alternative pad choices, but in the spirit of keeping things simple, we offer this quick guide: 

Floor pad selection chart

Download full version of Pad Wall Chart

Basic Procedural Steps for Each Task Type