Automation Productivity Helps High School Get Back on Track

Rossville Junior-Senior High School Head Custodian, Bill Werner, and Rick Matyak, Maintenance Director, have seen a lot of cleaning situations. Werner has been at USD 321 six years. In the summer of 2013, they faced a new and different landscape. 

“This was the summer that we replaced HVAC duct work, diverters and boilers,” Werner said. “Ceiling tile had to be removed from every room and hallway. As you can imagine, with 30 years of dirt on top of ceiling tiles, the school was a mess.”

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PUR-O-ZONE sales representative, Kelly Montgomery, was assisting Werner and Matyak. He knew for both every day cleaning and restorative work, the 2011 ISSA Innovation Award Winner, Adfinity REV®, could reduce the workload. He demonstrated the unit at Rossville. 

REV orbital scrubbing technology adds 2,250 small revolutions per minute to the typical 30 RPM spin rate of the pad or brush.

William R. Werner, Head CustodianKnowing they would need productivity help in order to avoid high labor expenses during the summer, and having seen the Adfinity X20R demonstrated on a room, Werner “pushed hard” for the purchase within a tight budget.  He knew that with HVAC re-construction sharply narrowing their window to complete the building on time for fall classes, they would need all the productivity they could muster.

Werner and Matyak would “most definitely” recommend the X20R to other schools and facilities with similar cleaning tasks for the following reasons:

• It saves us time

• We save manpower/salary

• Our employees like using this machine

• Custodians appreciate the reduced strenuous labor to complete the job

• Quality of the equipment

Use an Adfinity X20R, or any Advance equipment, in your facility in Kansas or western Missouri. We will provide a Sonic Scrubbers Pro detailing kit with your demonstration.