Straighten Out Your Mis-Aligned Mat Problems

Grocery stores are one place where long mats are needed. Grocers often line their vegetable aisle with mats to avoid slips and falls. As vegetables dry out, the water pressure drops within the cells and the vegetables become softer and look wrinkly. The overspray of water can end up on the floor, reducing traction.

Rental mats are one solution to this issue. Here is a common layout of the longest rental mats available to cover a 60' vegetable aisle.

In your office or facility, you may have a row of rental mats like this. The job is longer than a pick-up, roll, carry, drive to laundry, wash in a machine, dry in another, re-roll, drive to business and lay out system can cover. Mats that have to go through all of that must be kept relatively short.

Between mats are trip factors and uncovered areas. Rolling and re-rolling makes the edges of rental mats pucker, creating areas that catch shoes. What is needed is a system that allows for full coverage and a cleaning system without the labor and environmentally costly aspects that pick-up laundering involves.  

By replacing the five shorter segments of mats with a custom-cut length, several issues are improved.

  • The mat stays in place. The very length of the mat and overall weight anchors it.
  • Spaces between mats that create the very slip and fall factors the matting is intended to eliminate disappear.
  • Considerable expense is taken out of the equation. Laundry mats involve so much labor, transportation and special handling, they are very costly.
  • The investment in this illustration is returned in a little over nine months.

If the custom EnviroPLUS mat in this illustration is used 3 years, there is a savings of $2,905. That goes directly to the bottom line. If the mats last for five years, which is not unlikely, a savings of $5,505 is realized.

Show your staff how to clean-in-place.

So, how do they get clean? You already have the answer in your maintenance closet. Large, clean-in-place mats are easily handled with standard vacuuming, scrubbing and extraction equipment. You can actually keep your mats cleaner than rental. Because you are not sharing them with everyone else who is a customer of the laundry, you will not find unusual stains or rips that were not of your origin.