7 Tips on Designing Effective Entry Mat Systems

You can remove most of the dirt from soiled shoes with the right types, stages and lengths of entry matting. The ISSA has calculated soil entering your building on shoes costs hundreds of dollars a pound to locate and remove from the building once it has worked its way into and around your facility. It also degrades floor finishes, coverings and surfaces. In brief, dirt is really, really expensive.


Here are seven tips to help you look at your current entryway plan and size it up:

Tip 1: With about 30 feet of the right combination of matting types per entry, you can get rid of about 100% of incoming soil - dirt and grit that wants to move into every nook and corner of your facility - even the air and filtering systems.

Tip 2: With engineered matting types and zones, some of the incoming dirt from shoes remains outside the building and some is contained near the door. If your mats are "cleaned in place," which is environmentally preferable to "laundered off-premises," you will save money and concentrate the needed labor in a single, more manageable area at each entryway.

Tip 3: Every pound of dirt that comes in the door and circulates throughout the building costs the average facility custodial crew over $500 to remove (ISSA). Spend a little to save a lot.

Tip 4: If you stop gritty and alkaline soils, you will extend the life of floor coverings and floor finishes. This is another environmental pickup as well as a savings. Don't spare the outside scraping Zone 1.

Tip 5: If you've been renting mats, your budget already has everything it needs to replace with quality matting systems in about one and a half to two years. Your high-quality matting will do the job of several changes of laundry-quality matting, especially on wintry-mix days.

Tip 6: Custom cut matting is professionally offered by advanced distributors. Use it to provide beauty, compelling visual imagery and coverage of your actual traffic patterns. Mats that cover unused floorspace don't count as part of your 30' walk-off pattern.

Tip 7: A professional audit of the types, lengths, traffic patterns and customized sections of matting costs you nothing. Apply for an audit through the link below. 

Matting options for each of the three zones of decontamination. Mats, Inc.

To arrange an audit of your entryways just click here.  Trey at PUR-O-ZONE, or a member of our Pro-Link nationwide team will be in contact with you to complete scheduling. 

PUR-O-ZONE catalog of mats.

If you have locations where small mats are appropriate, you will come out ahead buying mats with a long lifespan.