Speed Up Your Vacuuming and Lower Your Cost of Clean


Quick, name something custodians do. Did vacuuming come to your mind perhaps first or second? For good reason. A LOT of time is spent vacuuming each day in your city and around the world.

Backpack vacuuming is growing because productivity leaps for staffs that begin using it. Why? Simply put, better logistics.

Upright vacuums are the most commonly produced piece of equipment in the world. They are, and have been, a staple of building cleaning for decades. Uprights really have not changed greatly from a basic operational standpoint in a very long time. Below is a typical cleaning pattern required with an upright. Up and back, up and back. It produces about 7,000 sq. ft. per hour of cleaning. 


Backpack vacuums move the majority of the vacuum up over your legs and along your spinal column where the weight is carried more easily. This leaves the lightweight part of the vacuum, the wand, to be moved by rotating at the hips. Much easier than pushing and pulling that weight constantly with arms and shoulders out in front of the body.

Here is the pattern a backpack vacuum allows your staff to produce with results of about 28,000 sq. ft. per hour. That's four times as much getting vacuumed or a 400% increase in productivity versus an upright.

When you work with a lightweight backpack vacuum, like the 11-pound LightningVac™ just introduced by PUR-O-ZONE, you cover four times more area, and save your arms and shoulders from constantly moving a heavier weight.

Here is a hint for better backpack vacuuming. Tip one end of the floor tool up just a bit, about 3%. This opens up the head, allowing more suction to pull in debris and making the wand feel lighter.