Ready for the Storm? OSHA Requires Written Emergency Plan Including Tornado Prep

How ready are your employees for a tornado warning during a work shift? Preparation is not only important to their safety, but OSHA may require your written emergency program to include tornado planning, information provided to employees, shelter plans, and even drills for many companies. See the link at the bottom of this page to begin researching if your company falls under this planning umbrella.

8.5" x 11" signs with this sign in the center are available from PUR-O-ZONE. for just 95 cents plus shipping.If required, an employer or company management team must have a written emergency plan on file, available to workers and to city, state and federal inspectors. The plan should include step-by-step preparation for emergencies and disasters, including tornadoes, according to The important components of a written emergency plan for a tornado include a system to alert management of a tornado warning or sighting, placement of alarm switches and a description of the warning system, exit route drawings, evacuation procedures, and accounting for all employees after evacuation, and again after the emergency is over. Emergency shelter information and rescue policies should also be included in the written plan.

Do I Need and Emergency Action Plan?

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