PUR-O-ZONE Rodeo Crowd Bucks Common Cleaning Knowledge

Mike Lane applies PUR-O-ZONE recommended low-chem, fast-refinishing methods to a hallway during his demo-nar.

Two PUR-O-ZONE Rodeos helped kick off the summer with extreme advances in floor refinishing being one of the best attended demo-nars. Held at Wamego Middle School and Basehor-Linwood Middle School, attendees gathered from two states. 

For access to a form to help calculate your own conventional vs. advanced floor finishing times and costs, click here.

Engineered water has many applications, among them advances in making window cleaning more efficient and productive.

Interactive knowledge from PUR-O-ZONE educational points of contact are explained by Dennis O'Hagan.


The just introduced Pro-Team GOFREE PRO backpack vacuum is given a test drive. This battery power, completely new design backpack improves productivity dramatically while reducing fatigue.

Advanced Microfiber Systems, by Pro-Link, improve cleaning quality while reducing cleaning stress on the custodian.

Productivity, air quality and user comfort are elements new methods of looking at vacuuming can provide.

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