Mechanical Stripping and Low-Chem Finishing Speed Summer Floor Care

Fill in some information about your floors, and get the ball rolling on an example of differences in labor, chemistry and equipment that can reshape your refinishing budget. Click on the "New Methods" link below.The Reduced Labor and Chemistry System for summer hard-surface floor restoration justifies a fairly dramatic descriptive term. But "revolutionary, awesome, innovative, cutting-edge" are used so commonly by companies, you probably wouldn't believe us if we used them.

So maybe we should just ask, would you get excited about cutting your labor time for refinishing a 900 s.f. room from 3 hours and 20 minutes down to 1 hour and 15 minutes?

How about cutting chemistry costs to restore that same room from $178 down to $86? Okay, how about reducing the waiting time before you can place furniture (without worrying about it sticking) from three days - depending on humidity - down to a few hours? Does cutting the persons required to refinish from two to four down to just one sound interesting? Perhaps reducing the slip-slide factor of refinishing would help your people and your budget? 

If those thoughts are as exciting to you as they are to us, then we probably don't really need words like "amazing" to describe this PUR-O-ZONE-proven system. We will demonstrate for you or your staff how to utilize these techniques. We will help you complete a change-process form based on your own experiences of the past to compare them with what looks likely for the new methods. We will help you do the calculations on equipment to see if an upgrade would result in a worthwhile return for your department.

NEW METHODS - Click here to request a form, help filling it in and an explanation of the differences in methods and technology.

We will help you work through your own savings using your own figures from your own experience.