Dry Carpet Care in Missouri School District Controls Humidity, Mold and Lengthens Carpet Life

Lee's Summit, MO, School District lost use of several hundred square feet of carpet to mold that had to be removed and replaced. That was a little over a decade ago. The problem was so severe, it even ruined books in the school library. The problem was related to excessive humidity in the building, and a big contributor was wet carpet cleaning.

After that mold and mildew misfortune, the district started looking into better, more effective technologies to clean carpet. They settled on the HOST (TM) system of ultra-low moisture carpet cleaning and have never regretted the change.

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HOST "Sponges" cleaning material combined with Liberator (TM) super vacuuming power are an excellent way for Kansas and Missouri schools (and businesses) to fight the down time and high humidity that wet extraction carpet cleaning causes here in the Midwest.

PUR-O-ZONE led the way in proposing, training and helping with this transformation that gets high grades from this school district. Training and education were important factors in rolling out a successful and accepted program using modern technology in floor care. 

"The best thing about [Host] is you can do the room and set right up without having to wait... Wet extracting requires a long time to dry - a day or more for bonnet or wet extracting."

Building Manager, Lee's Summit Schools.

Overall, the program of cost reduction involved several components in addition to designating HOST as the all-district carpet cleaning system in 2002 after extensive testing:

  • Felt feet were applied to the bottom of chair legs to reduce wear, noise and maintenance costs. 
  • Anderson Company Waterhog (TM) entry mats were used to trap more dirt and ice melt residue.
  • The Liberator vacuums were used to clean Waterhog mats in place, saving significantly over rental mats.
  • A vigorous system of equipment cleaning and maintenance was applied to assure even in lean budget years equipment is always ready and available to do the job it was designed for.
  • An equally in-depth and multi-layer inspection system was designed to monitor performance of custodial employees and assure on-going application of standards.

Two and a Half times Greater Productivity

"Today in high schools, one custodian can move down a hallway and clean 14 to 16 classrooms in a day (shift), and they're ready to use," said another building manager." Before, with wet extracting, they cleaned just six classrooms in that same amount of time and had to wait an extra day, at least, before furniture could be returned and the classrooms used. 

With night room temperatures in warm Missouri weather being set at 80 degrees to save energy, wet extraction can easily lead to mold and mildew. 

"Because of the moisture (with wet extraction cleaning), we would run the [air conditioning] continuously to prevent mold or mildew growth. It's hard to tell if you got a spot out until the carpet dries, so you could end up tying a room up for three days doing the carpet. Most of the time the spots would wick back anyway - very annoying."

Building Manager

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