Snowstorm May Impact Delivery

20 February 2013

With predicitons ranging from two feet down to just an inch depending on location, all of Kansas and much of western Missouri will be blanketed with snow and ice in the next 48 hours. PUR-O-ZONE warehouse manager, Mike Lockhart, said this morning, "In 16 years, I've had to delay or modify our delievery fleet schedule just twice."

Whether delivered by our fleet, or commercial means, if you have an urgent need, it would be advisable to get that order placed as early today as possible. A few additional orders in the PUR-O-ZONE fleet delivery areas may go out early this afternoon from tomorrow's schedule. 

Please let our staff know the urgency of your order over the next few business days. Placing orders by On-Line Ordering is the most efficient method with the fastest throughput. If you aren't signed up, a request will probably not process in time to help before this storm is upon us. However, you can sign up by clicking here, and then be ready for faster, high-efficiency ordering that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Orders placed before midnight Sunday through Thursday will often go out the next morning. If delivered by our fleet, this will often mean your order will arrive the next morning in our daily delivery zones - 75-80% of the time.