Are You Taking Advantage of Our Bench Depth?


With one contact, you can eliminate additional purchase orders and give yourself a single point of reference. Although you may not be aware of each of these seven areas, we have considerable expertise and years of experience to offer you if they are part of your facility management. 

LAUNDRY - PUR-O-ZONE experts have been leaders in low-temperature laundry techniques that are now saving many of our customers in utility costs while extending the life of their laundered assets. We have been instrumental in getting these procedures approved by state regulators, and they are ready for you to use. Our recent addition of Sunburst products is going to extend our ability to save your facility through better laundry processing methods. Let Ben help you at 816-522-4651.

FOODSERVICE - You can pull on our deep experience when it comes to warewashing systems for foodservice, kitchens and cafeterias. Combining foodservice-related orders with your other PUR-O-ZONE freight saves you time and lowers your shipping costs. Let us audit your current system and give you food for thought. Call Michael at 785-221-4431.

EDUCATION & MEASUREMENT - What is the biggest segment of your annual cleaning budget? Paper, liners, chemistry or something else? Well actually, it is your people resources. People constitute about 95% of the average custodial budget for an operation or institution that is large enough to have its own staff. We can help you make real impacts by changing the knowledge base and productivity of your people through our copyrighted process called Alignment. This process has been incredibly, overwhelmingly successful in schools and other facilities in Kansas and Western Missouri, cutting costs by as much as 39% in both large and small school systems. Mark can set you up with an audit or Clean School Assessment Tool Kit at 316-644-2223.

POOL CARE - Here's something you probably didn't know PUR-O-ZONE was a great resource for - pool care! We will work closely with our pool experts to help you manage your water-basin challenges. This can be pools, spas or even sewage treatment lagoons. Water care chemistry can be shipped with your regular orders, often saving you in shipping. Our expertise can help you solve problems, so let us dive into it with you. Let Dennis know your questions at 816-589-7881.

RESTROOM PARTITIONS - We sell and install replacement restroom partitions for Bobrick, a respected leader in this field. This is an area that it can be hard to find the parts and installation expertise to handle without spending a fortune on a major overhaul through a contractor. Let us give your restrooms the facelift they need, meet ADA requirements and not have to involve a major renovation project or big architect bill. Terry can lead you in the right direction at 785-249-3053.

FIELD MARKING SYSTEMS - From parking lot to playing fields, PUR-O-ZONE wants to be the one to turn to when it comes to ground marking products and systems. When it comes to drawing long lines on the ground, we know how to help you do it well and make it last longer. (We colored a lot as kids, and we are really good at helping with this.) If you want to draw up a plan, call Mike at 785-766-2021.

EQUIPMENT & REPAIR - Okay, you probably did know about this one. PUR-O-ZONE is widely known for our help with equipment, automation and repair work. Did you know that Advance-Nilfisk prefers us for installing new equipment in this entire region? We've been Advance's Dealer of the Year three different times. We are one of the largest Kaivac distributors and servicers in the entire world. We've been Hillyard's Central Region Distributor of the year three times, a Wausau Paper national Catalyst three times and Pro-Link's national Supporter of the Year for four years running. All this bragging wouldn't be worth much if we hadn't accomplished those things as part of doing the best job possible for our customers. Jeff has expertise he is ready, willing and able to assist you with at 785-766-1312.