Envirox Takes on Animal Planet Pit Bull Center

"Pit Bulls and Parolees," an Animal Planet original show, follows Tia Maria Torres, a 49-year-old mother, renowned pit bull trainer and founder and owner of Villalobos Rescue Center. Villalobos is the largest pit bull rescue and rehabilitation facility in the U.S. Torres works together with her staff of ex-convicts - "the guys no one else will hire."

EnvirOx became involved with the Villalobos Rescue Center after an employee and fan of the show saw that they were requesting donations for all types of products that could be used in the facility. Villalobos is now using EnvirOx cleaning products for all of their facility cleaning needs. They have noted a decrease in irritation of the dogs by previously used cleaners and love how clean EnvirOx products leave the dog kennels.

Animal Shelter Recommended Envirox Cleaning Procedures

Envirox 117 Specifications

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Here is a recent post on the center's Facebook page: