New Floor Care Methods Up Close and Personal

Pur-O-Zone Rodeos help demonstrate concepts in floor care and cleaning methods that just need to be seen. Mike Lane, partner, and Jason Stearns, Advance representative, showed a wide range of techniques and the machinery to perform them.

About 50 registrants were signed up for demo-nars at Quail Run Elementary in Lawrence, Kansas, where wide-open spaces were cleared for Rodeo equipment and hands-on learning. Techniques for using orbital scrubbing to clean and strip better, advanced application methods, improved vacuuming and indoor air quality, chemistry-free floor stripping and fast finishing methods were demonstrated.

For a Rodeo in your neck of the woods, call PUR-O-ZONE and ask  for Mike Lane, Terry Boyle, Mark McFarland (I.C.E. GB) or Dennis O'Hagan (I.C.E. GB)