Switching from Pads to Brushes; How-To Guide

Download  a Carlisle guide to colored brushes that correspond to the pads you may be using now.

Download a Malish guide.

Why switch to brushes?

  • Brushes will perform significantly better on uneven floors, and along grout lines.
  • Brushes do not "clog up" with material like pads - less chance of leaving debris behind.
  • Brushes do not require frequent changes - productivity is increased.

 Why switch away from pads?

  • Many users forget to flip their pads, or choose not to when they are clogged, doubling costs.
  • Cleaning out clogged pads is time-consuming.
  • 200 pads are deposited into landfills after use while one brush will do that same workload.*
  • Pad drivers are required and must be replaced periodically.

 Cost Comparison

List pricing on a box of five pads = about $35

Cost for 200 pads to do the work of a brush = $1,400

List pricing on 18" Grit Brush = $376

Savings by switching to rotary brushes $1,024 

You could buy an additional high-quality buffer with your savings

*Studies conducted at University of Illinois, 2009